Bitwarden is deleting TOTP key if passkey is set

I just realized Bitwarden is deleting my 2fa key if passkey is set. Is this a feature of bug? It’s very annoying.

Are you talking about a passkey and TOTP for one of the accounts stored in your vault, or a passkey and TOTP for logging in to your Bitwarden account.

If the former (for an account stored in your vault), I have tried to reproduce the issue and was not able to reproduce the behavior you described (i.e., the TOTP authenticator key stored in the vault item was not deleted after I added a passkey to the same vault item).

If the latter (for your Bitwarden login), what is your evidence that the TOTP key was deleted?

I was importing 2fa to sepeate app than realise the sites that I tested passkey had no TOTP seed in them. Nvidia .com, facebook were few of them.

  1. Set 2fa.
  2. Set passkey

Now check if 2fa code is gone from the field.

Well, I created a test account on, added TOTP, and then added a passkey. As you can see in the screenshot below, the TOTP key is still there after the passkey was added: