Bitwarden installation on linux running apache webserver

Hi, I installed bitwarden on a debian buster system running apache webserver which already uses ports 80 and 443. Of course starting bitwarden failes with an error “bind: address already in use
ERROR: Encountered errors while bringing up the project.”
So what can I do do get it running? Is it possible to change the ports the bitwarden system uses?
Thanks for any help…

Hello @klausH,
you have several options. What you can do is to just change the ports for bitwarden although you will always need to write them like: .
The other option would be to use a reverse proxy with:

  1. totally different urls (apache and bitwarden)
  2. Just different subdomains, and
  3. Or redirection by trailing slash, example (more complicated to setup :slight_smile:

I would suggest a reverse proxy with subdomains, it would be the easiest to setup. If you want a concrete example, just ask for it.

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Many thanks for Your detailed answer.
For some reason I would prefer to change the ports.
I changed 80 to 8880 and 443 to 8443 in config.yml
But while starting bitwarden I still got the error about 443 beeing in use.
I looked into ./bwdata/nginx/default.conf and it’s configured to 8443 should be ok.
Can You please tell me where else I have to make changes?

sorry - me dummy,
I forgot to run rebuild …
now it’s running fine.
Thank You for Your help.
Best Regards


I have a sub-domain for Bitwarden and apache is already running for other domains, do you have an example of using another sub domain ?

Thanks in advance