Bitwarden in VR

Feature name

Bitwarden in VR (Meta, Pico and so on)

Feature function

Make Bitwarden available in VR.

Reduce friction for services/games with account functions that require the user to type a password in, such as VRChat.
(Dunno if app:cli would be an appropriate tag, and I’m not sure if app:mobile would count for something like the Quest 2)

Related topics + references
The current process of installing the app has a lot of friction, and the app is classified under the “unknown sources” category.
By bringing the Bitwarden app into the app lab, or into the Quest store officially, it won’t be classified as such, and will always be visible.

References wise, the PWABuilder website permits one to bring their project to VR.

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If so we can merge (and possibly edit the original to be more encompassing) the two requests to consolidate threads for anyone in the future wishing to add to the discussion.

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Yes, I do believe it would be wise to merge, the one you quoted doesn’t have much more details beyond a mention of LastPass.

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