Bitwarden IBAN Feature

I miss the option to save (Online) Banking data, such things like IBAN and BIC. This Option would be great espacially for auto filling of forms. Currently i save them in custom fields but this is not very usefull when it comes to auto filling forms.
Maybe add this option to cards. Would be nice. :+1:

I’m also using custom fields for such information. And this is not the best solution… :confused:

While I am not disagreeing, but I believe that custom fields aren’t different from the pre-generated fields?

The difference is that the Value is just pre-set on the default sections, or am I misremembering this?

A custom field with iban as the value, should still give you the autofill?


You’re absolutely right! I just named the custom field “IBAN” and the field on the website fills out automatically. Great!! :+1:

This feature was recently added to Bitwarden. Now in the beta version, it is possible to add IBAN under the credit card number field.

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Can you explain how to do that? I’m a beta user through the play store beta program, but when I try to add IBAN through credit card number field, I’m unable to add anything else than digits, where letters are mandatory. Perhaps my settings are wrong. I try with maestro, because that’s the kind of IBAN bank card I have.

Thanks for your help in advance!

It is probably a bug. I am also facing this issue on the mobile app.

The browser extension doesn’t have this problem.

I have left a comment on this issue

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This issue has been fixed by the Bitwarden team. A new update will come soon!

I do not see any IBAN field under the credit card number filed contrary to what you say.
Where is it?

The field for your IBAN number? Try “Number”.

“Number” is already taken, this is the id of the credit card.
I am talking about the IBAN field, where is it?

The thread above spoke about either adding the IBAN number to the credit card number field or adding a custom field for the IBAN number, and both are possible. Did I miss where someone said there was a pre formatted IBAN field?

I thought it would be possible to enter the card number AND the IBAN on a pre-formatted field. Is this possible or I am forced to create a custom field?

If I am forced to create a custom field for the IBAN, I am feeling annoyed as almost every man in this world has:

  • a credit card number
  • and an IBAN number
    => why Bitwarden is not designed for this ?

Then I suggest you vote for this feature request. Show some support for having this feature added. :+1:

How can I do show support for this feature concretely ?

Still, I am a bit annoyed, that such a basic feature is not already there. It concerns easily 99% of Bitwarden users!

Nah, IBAN isn’t even used on North American credit cards. I am certain it doesn’t affect 99% of users.

Seriously - it takes seconds to setup a custom field. And Bitwarden is free.

If you want to show your support for this feature, especially since it seems so important to you, then why don’t you contribute back to the project and offer to help write the code to implement it? This is an open-source project after all!

I agree with you about the fact that it is open-source, I am interested to get involved into Bitwarden, but I would then need some help on how to contribute as I have done this til now as I have not developed since 8 years.

Nah, IBAN isn’t even used on North American credit cards. I am certain it doesn’t affect 99% of users.

Why is everything based on america standards :sweat:
How do you make a bank transfer in North-America if you do not have an ID of the bank account (IBAN is just that) ?

Hi @Christop

I agree us Americans always have to tend to do things in a non-standard way such as metric or IBAN :stuck_out_tongue: for better or worse we are “stuck” with what we have so far until we can move to more international standards, but that’s a whole other topic.

I absolutely agree that Bitwarden should be accommodating to ALL users from any background and nationality. Bitwarden has been translated into many local languages with the help from our wonderful community members.
So any features that will help further adoption of Bitwarden and good password hygiene worldwide I think is a valid addition to look at.

In regards to not using IBAN, we tend to use a convoluted method of routing numbers + account number. Where the account number is clearly for the account in question, and the routing number is for the specific financial institution nationwide I believe.

As far as getting involved, I’m sure that Bitwarden would be more than happy to assist with any questions you may have to help contribute.
Of course any additions will go through a standard review and QA process and carefully vetted before being accepted into the main code-base. For further detail and reading check out the contributions section in the community.

Love to see the beauty of open-source and people constantly making things better for all :slight_smile:

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