Bitwarden forgetting settings in MS-Edge

I’m using Bitwarden free and I’m using it in MS-Edge. Despite setting the values again and again the vault keeps on logging out when all instances of MS-Edge are closed and it also forgets PIN and doesn’t asks it.

I have set it to On System Lock and Timeout to Lock but it still keeps on asking Master Password instead of PIN.

But despite doing these settings it keeps on asking master password if I close all instances of MS-Edge.

How to fix ?


Yes, I also noticed it both in edge browder and add ons. It is quite annoying. It started today only.

Hello @kikloo and @Jerry_Burry - welcome to the community forums!

Just to check - you guys made sure to disable the Lock with master password on restart option in your extension settings, right? If not, that might explain the behaviour you are seeing.

Screen Shot 2022-03-01 at 11.54.18 PM

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It happened today only on edge browser and extension. Nothing has changed. I have logout on restart instead of lock all along. Changes do not make any difference. Thanks for your suggestion.

Still having problem with Edge browser Bitwarden extension. Even though autofill is enabled for page load, auto fill is not working for any site. Getting message “unable to autofill on this page”. It used to work 2 weeks back.

This worked for me. Thanks.

After reset of all options, it started working. Looks like the extension got a new look and some options were not restored. Thanks