Bitwarden feature (page fill selection dialog)?

I, of course, love bitwarden but the feature that i’ve been waiting for since i created my account that i thought would eventually come is still not there. So the feature i’m talking about is a UI component for selecting what account to use on a page. Granted the shortcut to fill username/password in on a page works great & all but when you have multiple accounts on the same time selecting another one by using either the add-in widget or right clicking is quite clunky in my opinion.

Is this a feature that is still being considered or maybe in an upcoming release or is this something that probably won’t be implemented?

In my personal opinion, this is unlikely to be implemented, but you can always cast your vote for it in this official feature request topic:

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Thanks for the reply @grb. Do you think its because you guys just generally don’t want it in the product or just don’t have time to implement it? Maybe if its just an issue with not having the time maybe i’ll roll my sleeves up & try to come up with something since i’m a developer & bitwarden is open source but I guess i don’t want to waist my time if my PR would never be approved. Granted I never worked with your code base so i have no idea what type of undertaking this is going to be.

FYI, I do not work for Bitwarden and have no Bitwarden affiliation other than being a subscribing customer. Therefore, I have no knowledge of the reasoning behind Bitwarden’s business decisions.

If you read through the discussion in the thread that I linked, though, you will find that there are dissenting voices who point out that DOM injection techniques required for this type of functionality cause some websites to break, and introduce security concerns. This is the reason why I voiced the opinion that this feature would be unlikely to be implemented.

If you would like to propose a pull request, instructions are available here: