Bitwarden Extension - Unlock with mobile device

Hi all,

I didn’t find it online. So I’m gonna try it here.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to unlock the browser extension with a mobile device.
I know it’s possible for the Bitwarden Web Vault. But I would like the same possibility for the browser extension. In other words, instead of having to use the master password, that I can use my mobile device to unlock the browser extension.

Currently I have only found that it’s possible to unlock the browser extension vault with Windows Biometric. But that’s not what I search :slight_smile:

Hopefully you guys can give me some information.

Thanks in advance!

There’s a difference between logging in and unlocking. It is only possible to log in with another device, not the unlock with a device. This is true of the web vault, desktop app, and browser extension — any of these can be logged into using another device.