Bitwarden extension in Edge not prompting to save password

Just installed Bitwarden Extension for Edge browser. I noticed that it almost never prompts to save the entered username and password.
I saw in other discussions that you should first add the password to bitwarden and then create the account. However with existing accounts it doesn’t work either. And yes I have unlocked bitwarden.

Is this really how Bitwarden works? Not prompting to add passwords? If so I guess I will look for another password manager, I think this is basic functionality and if they can’t get this right, how in the world can I rely on the rest of the app - what else is not functioning, which you only find out when you switch over?

I had hoped to switch from Edge’s internal password manager to bitwarden, but with this feature not working I think I remain with Edge. At least I am sure random generated passwords are stored before I loose them.

Hey @jeroentuin

  • Have you disabled Edge’s ability to manage credentials?
  • Is ‘Ask to add login’ enabled in your Bitwarden browser extension settings?
  • Are you running a lot of different plugins?
  • Is your vault in an unlocked state?

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Yeah switched off: Offer to save passwords, Automatically save passwords and Autofill passwords.
When I visit cloudflare and login, it doesn’t offer to save the password.
It is a constant hit and miss.

  • Disabled Edge password management, even though it is not clear completely that it is disabled.
  • ‘Ask to add login’ is enabled
  • Only running 2 other plugins
  • Vault is in unlocked state - as mentioned before.

Also I have enabled ‘Unlock with pin’, yet it keeps asking for the master password not the pin … when would I use the pin?

I guess I should have read the reviews better. In the Microsoft store I saw these remarks:

Does not ask to register passwords Not intuitive


Came from LastPass via recommendations and I love it! But a lot of the time it misses when a new account is used and doesn’t ask to save it… I’ve only seen the ‘save message’ about 5 times since I started using it this summer

So you guys are already aware of this problem, and looking at previous posts this has been an issue for several years now. I guess not something Bitwarden wants to solve.

Thanks for the feedback, please keep in mind that all websites are designed differently and Bitwarden takes a security first approach and is currently working on Manfiest V3 to support upcoming changes to browser extension standards. There are many different configurations/setups that may affect how often a community member may see the password prompt bar.

Personally, I use the sidebar in Firefox for a persistent experience, but understand that the feature is important to many community members.

Rest assured your feedback has been passed along to the team :+1:

Thank you for your quick response. Not sure how the sidebar advice would help.
I’ve stopped using Firefox as it doesn’t support Web Serial API (for example to upload firmwares to esp32 modules). It seems that Firefox is excluded from more and more features.

It really is a shame, as initially I liked Bitwarden, but other password managers seem to be able to get this working … hopefully Bitwarden gets this working too … I will return to it then.

Thanks, feel free to reach out to the official support team linked above.