Bitwarden extension icon is very similar to the new icon for tracking information in macOS 11

Feature name

  • change icon for Safari extension in macOS 11 Big Sur

Feature function

But the BW extension color is blue not greyed out like the icon in Mac OS right. I don’t think users will face any issue differentiating the two.

Maybe I am missing something here - but for me the extension icons in Safari are always monochrome.

The shield is our official logo (it’s close, but different) - so no changes at this time, but we’ll see what  says as Big Sur gets closer to launch.

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I have to admit that I wouldn’t have a better idea what to use instead, but my first thought when seeing the screenshots for the new Safari was that they used the Bitwarden icon :wink:

Just to point out there’s this similar “problem” in Firefox as well, and it’s “blue-ish” too

These shields have curved top, as opposed to flat top design, tho

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I don’t use mac os so I didn’t know that the icon is monochrome. In Firefox it’s always blue.

Just both icons put together - looks confusing:


The gray Bitwarden logo is not really that unique.
This is an icon from

Looks pretty much the same.

The next one is from

My safari extension icon is blue, but I would love for it to be monochrome. Is that a possibility?
I created an account to specifically put in a feature request for an option to change the color of the icon on the extension.

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