Bitwarden Extension icon disappeared from Opera Developer 78 Sidebar

Since Opera Version 78.0.4066.0 the icon of the Bitwarden 1.49.0 extension disappeared from the Sidebar.
When disabling and re-enabling the extension the icon appears for 1 Sec. and disappears again.
Tested on three different devices.

Opera version: 78.0.4079.0
Windows version: 21H1 (Build 19043.1023)

Can anyone confirm this?

Yes, this is true. The developers of the Opera browser have made a change in how it handles extensions. Previously, it was possible to write an extension that would put icons on both the Menu bar and the Sidebar. The change to opera defines two different types of extension, one for the Menu bar, and one for the Sidebar. The Bitwarden extension that Opera is currently using only shows icons on the Menu bar. There is no extension for the sidebar. I hope someone is working on a sidebar extension for Opera.

Hi @bolbers and @defo2, thank you for your reports. I had a quick look into this during my lunch break earlier today. I can confirm that the extension can be installed and loaded, but the sidebar extension disappears after a short time.

@defo2 Have you got any more information about this change the Opera team decided on? I couldn’t find anything related and their docs also name both api’s. If you have more info and we can assure it’s an issue with Bitwarden, could you please open an issue here

We currently set both api’s in the manifest.json to support the browser and the sidebar. I tested changing the order and also removing the “browser_action” from the manifest.json and then the sidebar-extension loads fine.

I’m currently guessing it’s a bug in Opera, or else the Opera team did decide to separate the extensions, then we’d need to look into what needs to be changed.

Kind regards

I read in the Opera forums that the decision to have two separate extensions, one for the menu bar and one for the sidebar, is one that the Opera team made on purpose. It does not appear to be a bug. Although their implementation of it was really poor. Bitwarden is not the only extension that no longer works on the sidebar. All of the extensions that used to work on both bars now disappear from the sidebar. Another example would be Translator. Only the extensions that were written exclusively for the sidebar still work there. An example would be Side Calculator. People who have complained to Opera are apparently told that it is up to the extension writers to develop sidebar only extensions. I have gotten around this problem temporarily by installing an old version of Opera. My problem now is fending off their automatic updates.


Hi, i have the same problem and i can’t find a solution to it. The only usefull thing i can tell you is that you can use it anyway using ctrl+shift+Y, then you can right click on the icon in the right corner and select “block”.

I have a simple solution that so far has worked perfectly. I uninstalled Opera 78.0.4093.147 and downloaded and installed version 77.0.4054.277 from the Opera website . This is the last version of Opera in which the sidebar worked properly. I did a little bit of surgery on the installation to keep Opera from auto-updating, and so far it is hanging in there. I check the Opera website periodically to see if they have an update. So far - nothing. .

I installed the “Install Chrome Extensions” Extension.
So i was able to use the Bitwarden Chrome Extension 1.52.1 in Opera 79 and 80.

Thank you for your help. I already had :“Install Chrome Extensions” installed, but I had not tried the Bitwarden sidebar extension (1.52.0) from the Opera Store on the Beta (79) and Developer (80) versions of Opera. Even on those versions, the sidebar extension does not work for me. I even tried downloading the Bitwarden extension (1.52.1) directly from the Chrome Extension Store. As you might expect, that does not show up on the sidebar even for a second. I don’t know how you made it work, but for me any extension not specifically written for the Opera longer works in the Opera sidebar. That would include Bitwarden, Translator, and a bunch more. For now I will stick with Opera which the sidebar extensions work.

@defo2 Yeah it did not appear for me as well. So i thought i can uninstall it. clicked the Cross in the extensions menu and the confimation for uninstall popped on screen. While confimation showed i noticed the bitwarden icon appeared on the ?menuebar? right to the adressbar. i right clicked the icon an pinned it to the bar. Now i was able to fully use it (not in the sidebar).

The Bitwarden extension has always worked on the Opera menu bar, and up until the release of Opera version 78 it also worked on the sidebar. The sidebar greatly improves the use of Bitwarden, It resizes the main window and allows the Bitwarden window to be instantly pinned beside it. The sidebar is the main reason that I use Opera. According to the people on the Opera forums, in order to have an extension work on the sidebar, the extension has to be written specifically for the sidebar. All of the sidebar-only extensions in the Opera extension store, such as Side Calculator, work correctly with the latest Opera releases. I think that if the Opera team is not going change this, the Bitwarden team needs to develop a sidebar-only extension for Opera.

I am pleased to report that the Bitwarden extension now appears to work on the Opera sidebar in the beta (79) and developers (80) versions of Opera. As far as I can tell, the sidebar extension still does not work in the released version of Opera (78). Thanks to whoever fixed it.