Bitwarden extension icon background on Safari 15

The Bitwarden extension icon seems like an alien :crazy_face: in the menu bar on Safari 15. Need add transparency to fit better with other icons

+1 on this. It’s not in keeping with the design of other extension icons for Safari 15.

+1, it continues to look completely out of place, even more so now that it uses the system accent color, which classes with Safari’s new system of adopting colours from the website you’re on. It being transparent like other extensions (WIPR, as an example), would make it look a lot better.

Same here, I need it out of the way to keep it streamlined with other extensions. Just grabs too much attention

EDIT: It does NOT use the system accent color, despite claims above. It perhaps does use the same as the default one, but if you have it changed (i.e. like to pink above), it won’t follow

+1, this remains a design discrepancy in my Safari extensions. Might try to get the repo on my local this week and see if I can fix. This is a branding issue, but would be easy to fix for any who already have spun up the repo locally on macOS. An extension to implement this correctly is quoid / userscripts.

Bump: Created PR with fix. Let’s see if this gets traction.
[PM-3773] Safari Accent color icon