Bitwarden extension for Firefox no longer working with bio-metrics or PIN

Today my Bitwarden Windows application updated itself from 2023.8.2 to 2023.8.3. No corresponding update to the Firefox extension, which is still running 2023.7.1.

Versions are still mismatched (again) with the latest update and biometrics doesn’t work.

I have the same issue here. Bitwarden is not able to login with biometrics when I previously could. In this case Windows Hello and face recognition. Firefox 117.0 (64-bit), Bitwarden 2023.8.3, Firefox Extension Version: 2023.7.1

I still can’t log in on Firefox I have uninstalled and re-installed it, and tried everything others have mentioned in this thread but nada.
My Windows 11 is fully patched. I can log in with Opera no problem though.

If you’re having issues with Windows Hello and Firefox, the problem is the version mismatch between the desktop client and the browser extension.

Until Bitwarden/Firefox get their ducks in a row and update accordingly, the workaround is:

  • disable browser integration in the desktop app
  • login with master password in the browser extension
  • deactivate biometrics in the browser extension settings
  • optionally add PIN (extension feature, regular good old PIN, not Windows Hello PIN) access for convenient use
  • If you’re using multiple browsers, don’t forget to re-enable browser integration on the desktop app after disabling the firefox extension biometric setting.

Unlock with PIN has stopped working for me since updating to Bitwarden browser app v2023.8.3 with Firefox v102.15.0esr (64-bit).

I am using Debian Linux 12. I only use PIN, no biometrics or “browser integration.”


I am using latest Windows Bitwarden Desktop and also Bitwarden Firefox plugin and the biometric login is failing for the Firefox Bitwarden plugin. I have reverted to using PIN unlock until a fix is forthcoming.
Not very impressive as it has been like this for some weeks now.

Unlock with PIN did not work anymore for me too. Logged out an in again an now cannot enable PIN anymore.
Never used Biometrics with Firefox Bitwarden login.
FF: 117.0, Bitwarden extension: 2023.8.3


Same problem for me. Unlock with PIN did not work so I logged out and back in with my MP. Now I cannot reenable PIN.
FF: 117.0.1
Bitwarden extension: 2023.8.3

The issue is not resolved

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Welcome to the community @aidler and thanks for providing this update!

The resolutions we have seen thus far include (1) going back to the previous FF extension or (2) uninstalling the FF extension, rebooting your machine, and reinstalling the new FF extension. Please let us know if either of these work for you.


I followed (2) and this did not work: I removed Bitwarden browser extension from Firefox. closed firefox. Restarted Debian 12 computer. opened firefox. installed Bitwarden browser extension. Unlock with PIN still does not work.

regarding (1) How does one obtain a previous FF extension thru official channels with no risk to security?

Everything is indicated this is a problem with Bitwarden and needs a code fix. Is Bitwarden working on a code fix for this? It appears to be a bug that was introduced.

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Thanks so much for following up @eufnis - Our engineering team is looking into this and is currently tracking the issue. We will update as they provide more information.

Older versions for Firefox:


I was experiencing this issue on as well. Firefox 117.0-1, Bitwarden addon 2023.8.3, on Windows 10 v1809.
I could only reproduce the issue for firefox using the release on
Both the previous version (2023.7.1) and the github release for 2023.8.3 function normally.

Specifically, the issues I was experiencing were the following:

  • The CTRL+SHIFT+L feature was not functioning
  • Attempting to unlock with the master password would not advance with the RETURN key or clicking the button, though if the addon window is closed and re-opened, the vault is unlocked and accessible
  • Attempting to set a pin had issues similar to the above, not able to advance with the RETURN key or clicking the ‘ok’ button

I am not experiencing any of these issues with either the downgraded bitwarden version, or the github release.

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Firefox Bitwarden extension 2023.8.3 is finally out! I can now log in with biometrics again!

Still not solved here with PIN use

With latest Firefox Bitwarden extension (2023.8.3) biometrics login is now working again.

Anyone who succeeds with PIN?


Thanks falolaf!

Removing v2023.8.3 and instead installing v2023.7.1 has restored PIN functionality in my browser extension on Firefox.

I’ll stay on v2023.7.1 until Bitwarden gets this bug fixed in the newer versions.

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@aidler Seconding this. I hit this problem and Google brought me to this thread. I cannot even set a PIN number, and there is a big lag logging in with my MP.
I think I’m just going to use Edge until this gets fixed because I don’t have time to troubleshoot workarounds.

Any news on this?
Now also the same problem with Edge.