Bitwarden extension for Firefox no longer working with bio-metrics or PIN

no luck here on M1 mac. I also can find no way to downgrade to 2.7 Only the MAC app store version can work with touch ID.
It seems the chrome and safari extensions work because they are updated to 2.8 but firefox is still on 2.7.1

So, I load the firefox nightly and allowed it to load unsigned extensions. When I load 2.8.2 from github all works correctly.

I guess we just have to wait for mozilla to sign the 2.8.2 extension so we can get the update.

Or just run the nightly until that happens…

Found a way to get it working…

If you load the firefox nightly and switch to you regular profile you use in release firefox, you can install the 2.8.2 unsigned extension from github. Then exit out of the nightly and reopen the normal firefox. the 2.8.2 extension will still be active and you can log into your vault with touch ID.

Another reason to use open source browser and open source password manager.

Again you can just wait for mozilla to sign the 2.8.2 ext. then update to it. However if you know how and are willing to go to github and download the code you don’t have to wait. I don’t like waiting.

Same issue here, thanks for the temporary workaround.

Just had to do the whole nightly step again. Firefox scanned the extension and found no signature so it disabled it again.
Looks like this is going to be a pain until the firefox extension gets signed. Hope Mozilla or Bitwarden do it soon. Not sure whose responsibility it is.

I believe I’m having the same problem as reported here. I came across this thread, so I reported my experience there, but I thought I’d join this thread as well, since it seems relevant to my issue.

Edition Windows 10 Home
Version 22H2
Installed on ‎3/‎9/‎2021
OS build 19045.3324
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.19041.1000.0

Firefox BW extension version 2023.7.1

Firefox version 117.0 (64 bit)

BW Windows version
Version 2023.8.2
Shell 24.1.1
Renderer 112.0.5615.50
Node 18.14.0
Architecture x64

If I’m interpreting this thread correctly, the problem is that the Windows version does not match the Firefox extension version and there’s nothing we can do to fix that except temporarily fall back to the previous version of BW for windows, That version was glitchy with biometrics for me too, as reported in the other thread (see above). The version before 2023.7.1 worked perfectly with biometrics.

Same issue. Downgrading the desktop app to 2023.7.1 fixed the problem (for now)

Tried that.
After installation, an update started immediately :upside_down_face:

You can avoid the app update choosing to postpone.

Am I the only one who is a bit disappointed about this delay from Mozilla to publish an update of a so common extension like Bitwarden?

The desktop app updated in an instant.
The extension I set back to the previous version, however was not able to log in either. I again got the “incorrect password” message.
Meanwhile in Edge Btiwarden works fine.

Yeah, you’re right. You can postpone the update but it will eventually update by itself when restarting bitwarden app or (maybe) rebooting windows. I think the only workaround is installing the unsigned browser extension atm. Hope they fix this soon.

Weird, my Bitwarden desktop app asks me if I want to update.

Hi folks, There has been a delay in getting the updated Firefox extension through the store and the team is working to resolve asap. If it is an emergency to use Firefox, you can side load the extension from GitHub. However, in general this is not a recommended path. If chosen, it is important to revert back to the store version once available to continue to receive security updates.

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Thank for this reply, go12!
This means in the end it’s definitly not a “me” or “our” problem. :wink:

Today my Bitwarden Windows application updated itself from 2023.8.2 to 2023.8.3. No corresponding update to the Firefox extension, which is still running 2023.7.1.

Versions are still mismatched (again) with the latest update and biometrics doesn’t work.

I have the same issue here. Bitwarden is not able to login with biometrics when I previously could. In this case Windows Hello and face recognition. Firefox 117.0 (64-bit), Bitwarden 2023.8.3, Firefox Extension Version: 2023.7.1

I still can’t log in on Firefox I have uninstalled and re-installed it, and tried everything others have mentioned in this thread but nada.
My Windows 11 is fully patched. I can log in with Opera no problem though.

If you’re having issues with Windows Hello and Firefox, the problem is the version mismatch between the desktop client and the browser extension.

Until Bitwarden/Firefox get their ducks in a row and update accordingly, the workaround is:

  • disable browser integration in the desktop app
  • login with master password in the browser extension
  • deactivate biometrics in the browser extension settings
  • optionally add PIN (extension feature, regular good old PIN, not Windows Hello PIN) access for convenient use
  • If you’re using multiple browsers, don’t forget to re-enable browser integration on the desktop app after disabling the firefox extension biometric setting.

Unlock with PIN has stopped working for me since updating to Bitwarden browser app v2023.8.3 with Firefox v102.15.0esr (64-bit).

I am using Debian Linux 12. I only use PIN, no biometrics or “browser integration.”


I am using latest Windows Bitwarden Desktop and also Bitwarden Firefox plugin and the biometric login is failing for the Firefox Bitwarden plugin. I have reverted to using PIN unlock until a fix is forthcoming.
Not very impressive as it has been like this for some weeks now.