Bitwarden email sign in not appearing in iOS Todoist app

Hi all,

I wished to ask for some advice - I use Bitwarden to log into Todoist (website and iOS app). I have two accounts for Todoist (one for work and one personal) with their own respective email log ins and need to log out and into the other account sometimes.
On my old phone, when I logged out and then logged in to my other account …when I clicked the “continue with email” section of the the app the phone would do a FaceID check and then Bitwarden would automatically recognise the Todoist app as having two email accounts tied to it and I would just tap the email address I wanted and it would autofill it and then it did FaceID and then the same process again for the password. It required about two clicks to log in to the other account.

However, on my new phone, when I click on “continue with email” section on the app…Bitwarden no longer recognises the Todoist app has two accounts associated to it and I have to click the iOS key symbol written “passwords” on the bottom of the app and then manually search for the email address in my Bitwarden database and then select it. I then have to do this again for the password. It is now quite a lot slower to log in each time.

Is there a way to set upt Bitwarden so that both the email and passwords are automatically recognised when I log into the Todoist app without having to manually search the database for the login details? I tried putting the URL for the iOS app into the Todoist login but it still doesn’t automatically detect it at log in.

Thanks very much for any advice.

Note: Your question may already be answered in the Bitwarden Help Center.

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Check your iOS Settings > Passwords > AutoFill Passwords and make sure it’s turned on and only Bitwarden is enabled.