Bitwarden Drive | Upload to folder rather than vault item

My personal devices and work devices have me juggling between Android, iOS, Windows and macOS every day. Sharing files between devices has always been a multi-step challenge as work devices are not too friendly for installs, so efficient options are lacking.The one thing they all have in common is the Bitwarden browser extension / App. I am not asking for a super intricate drive system like DropBox, Google Drive, etc. All I ask is for a simple way to securely upload simple flies directly to a folder and not as a “Login” attachment. From what it seems, the whole backbone to do something like this is there.
I understand that for some individuals who are fortunate enough to work under a symbiotic ecosystem might not find this very helpful. But I do believe that it can and will become a compelling premium feature for those who just wish to simplify their multi-platform experience. I do not want to store my vacation pictures there. Just want to be able to share files between my devices with a few clicks just like I do with passwords.

Premium user

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Bitwarden Drive

  • A dedicated space in the Bitwarden app/extension/web vault where a user can store their files, similar to Google Drive

Feature function

  • Upload and download any kind of file and even an optional password lock
  • Allow the user to access sensitive files like credit card information or bank details quickly
  • Drag and drop files seamlessly

Hi @Korat - Bitwarden already supports encrypted file attachments. It is a premium feature for subscribers.

I know that, I’m saying that there should be a section where we can just drag and drop files, similar to Google Drive

it would make organising important files easier


Ah, OK - you never mentioned that. Your request makes sense now. :+1:

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I was thinking of another use case for this. File attachments are basically just URLs stored in the .json, and these point to some location on Bitwarden’s servers where an encrypted version of the uploaded file has been stored. If each user had a “Bitwarden Drive”, this could be the storage location for all of the user’s file attachments (and even file Sends), in addition to one-off file uploads such as those requested by OP.

I think that such an arrangement would have the potential to greatly simplify the process of backing up (and restoring) vault file attachments, because it would just require backing up of the user’s “Bitwarden Drive” and of the associated attachment URLs (these could be included in vault exports).

This is legitimately a good idea and something I’d thought of myself. It would be nice to be able to store backups of important documents in a secure cloud-based location. The current interface for this is kind of awkward, creating an item and then attaching the file - or just finding a relevant item to attach it to.

Here to chime in on this. I would love to have an easier to use interface and way to store critical “go bag” or recovery documents in my vault for my surviving family to access. Things like wills, deeds, legal documents, insurance policies, scans of identity documents, etc.

I’m going to resurrect this nearly-dead post. I am all for a drag-and-drop ability. Ideally, be able to map as a lettered drive (Windows)