Bitwarden doesn't scan the "textarea" field

bitwarden won’t scan this username field: textarea#username.qStr

It ignores textarea fields. This is a problem on the Qnap NAS server’s login screen. I don’t know why Qnap decided to change the “input” to “textarea” for the username field…

A good solution is to allow any HTML tag (input, textarea, address, etc.) to be used. Add “Custom” to the Custom Field Type (Text, Hidden, Boolean, Custom). When Custom is selected you are able to enter the HTML tag.


I have opened a support ticket at QNAP about this issue about a year ago (April 2021). Back then they said they would look into it but nothing happened apparently.

I’ve submitted a new support ticket today (March 2022) and provided your findings. Let’s hope they make this change.

Thanks for the feedback, this issue is being tracked here.