Bitwarden does not work since the last update 2024.5.0

My self-hosted bitwarden does not work since the last update
Since the last update bitwarden does not work. I had problems with the composer and its version and when I commented the version in the yaml it let me update without problems. But now when I try to access the server URL I get this error:

Error: Server Error

The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.

Please try again in 30 seconds.

Now I can access the web environment, but when I enter the credentials, I get this error

Ha ocurrido un error.

“ 502 Bad Gateway

502 Bad Gateway

nginx ”

it seems that some modules do not start

sudo docker compose ps
bitwarden-admin bitwarden/admin:2024.5.0 “/” admin 19 hours ago Restarting (139) 50 seconds ago
bitwarden-api bitwarden/api:2024.5.0 “/” api 19 hours ago Restarting (139) 54 seconds ago
bitwarden-attachments bitwarden/attachments:2024.5.0 “/” attachments 19 hours ago Up 19 hours (healthy)
bitwarden-events bitwarden/events:2024.5.0 “/” events 19 hours ago Restarting (139) 30 seconds ago
bitwarden-icons bitwarden/icons:2024.5.0 “/” icons 19 hours ago Up 19 hours (healthy)
bitwarden-identity bitwarden/identity:2024.5.0 “/” identity 19 hours ago Restarting (139) 59 seconds ago
bitwarden-mssql bitwarden/mssql:2024.5.0 “/” mssql 19 hours ago Up 19 hours (healthy)
bitwarden-nginx bitwarden/nginx:2024.5.0 “/” nginx 19 hours ago Up 19 hours (healthy)
bitwarden-notifications bitwarden/notifications:2024.5.0 “/” notifications 19 hours ago Restarting (139) 47 seconds ago
bitwarden-sso bitwarden/sso:2024.5.0 “/” sso 19 hours ago Restarting (139) 56 seconds ago
bitwarden-web bitwarden/web:2024.5.0 “/” web 19 hours ago Up 19 hours (healthy)

Problem was in global.override.env

I change in /bwdata/env: