Bitwarden Directory Connector Unhandled Error on sync

Our directory connector, which has worked in the past without issue, is able to receive results when clicking “Test Now”, but both the “Start Sync” and “Sync Now” buttons fail with “An unhandled server error has occurred” message. The connector is running version 2.7.0 and no further updates are available when checking via the connector. I’ve tried logging out and logging back in.


The first thing is to check whether or not you have enough seats to handle the users being synchronized over.

Can you give that try?

If you continue to experience this please reach out at so customer success can help you troubleshoot ASAP.

Hi Trey,

Thanks for the quick response. Our organization has enough seats as I understand it (there are more users returned with the “Test Now” results than we are licensed for, but not all of these have Bitwarden accounts). I’ll reach out on the contact page now.


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