(Bitwarden desktop v2024.3.0 macOS) Time-out when signing in to second Bitwarden account

When I try to log in to my business Bitwarden account in addition to my personal Bitwarden account, a timeout error occurs and my personal Bitwarden account is logged out.

And when I do these steps the other way around, I get the same problem with my business Bitwarden account.

I have reinstalled the app a few times from the Mac App Store and from the Bitwarden website, but see no difference.
It seems that the app cannot handle two Bitwarden accounts in one app.

Are you using the “+Add Account” option in the account switcher? Please provide more detail about the method that you are using to log in to the second account.

Hi @grb, that’s exactly what I mean. When I add a second account in de Bitwarden desktop app voor macOS, the first account gets a time-out error.

Are the two accounts hosted on different servers? I’m not sure whether the account switcher supports such a configuration yet.

Is one of the accounts self-hosted? There have been some issues with this in the past/