Bitwarden Desktop App with Windows Hello inconvenient


two days ago I switched from KeePass 2 to Bitwarden Version 2024.6.2.
I installed it as a single user on Windows 11 Pro Version 23H2 22631.3737.
Of course I also installed the Bitwarden Browser Extention for Microsoft Edge.

The import from KeePass 2 XML-File vent very smooth.
As I am a Bitwarden-Novice it might be possible that I have done some faulty settings.

I start the Desktop-App and unlock the vault with Windows Hello.
Then I do a rightclick on one entry and select “Launch”.
Microsoft Edge opens and shows the Login screen of that entry.
When I click into the Field “Username” I see the message “Unlock your account to view matching logins”. After that I see another window named
“Verify Identity”. There I can select “Unlock with biometrics”, though I already unlocked the vault.
What is wrong with my settings or installation?
As a new user I can attach only 1 file.

Bitwarden Preferences

Bitwarden Unlock Account


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By the way, please be careful when posting screenshots in the forum (which is publicly viewable to any internet user), to ensure that you have erased any sensitive or private information. I have deleted your personal email address from two of your screenshots above.

In Bitwarden, each app or browser extension is completely independent of the others, and each must be separately unlocked. The only interaction between the Desktop app and the browser extension is the need to enable browser integration in the Desktop app when using biometrics to unlock the browser extension.

Unfortunately, due to a recently discovered encryption vulnerability, Bitwarden versions from 2024.5.0 onwards currently require the Desktop app to first be unlocked before the browser extension can be unlocked using biometrics. Previously, it was only necessary for the Desktop app to be running in the background (locked or unlocked). My understanding is that the team is in the process of determining how the biometric unlock process can be simplified without sacrificing security. Until then, you may find PIN unlock to be more convenient.

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Many thanks for your imidiate response and explainations.
I’ll switch to using PIN as you suggested.