Bitwarden delay with login in desktop browsers on Mac OS X

Hi there,

since some versions I realize an annoying delay when trying to unlock Bitwarden on Mac OS X, which hasn’t been there before.
When my vault is locked and I want to login I hit Com + Shift + L to get into the login window of Bitwarden in any browser and on different OS X. Formerly it was instantly possible to begin typing the master password and to unlock the vault.

Lastly I recognize an annoying delay while the login screen is already visible, but the input field is not active for about 3 seconds and meanwhile not possible to enter the master password.

This behavior is a crossbrowser phenomena and not limited to any browser or add-ons or whatsoever.

Does anyone know about the lack and have an idea how to avoid it? Some versions ago it (I do not exactly know which one I think was the last one without any delay) instantly possible to enter the master pasword after the login screen was visible in any browser.

best, hirsch

Hello @hirsch - welcome to the Bitwarden community forums.

This issue has been reported here in the forums a few times now, and it looks like there is a fix on the way:

Thanks David. I really searched the term “delay login Bitwarden” - in some variations, too - and got absolutely not results …
O.k. so I’m happy the issue has already been addressed. Just wanted to know if someone else was able to recognize it …