Bitwarden default manager in Chrome


Is it possible to have Bitwarden as the default password manager in the Chrome browser, replacing Google’s directly from the browser’s settings, like Dashlane?

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Hey @milka69 more info here:

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I have already done this but unlike Dashlane, Bitwarden does not set as default password manager on Chrome. Is this normal?
With Dashlane the credentials are automatically filled in or can be filled in with one click. This is not the case with Bitwarden, you have to right click etc.

With dashlane :

Bitwarden screen in the next post (new user limitation :frowning: )

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With bitwarden :

Hey @milka69. You need to turn on auto-fill.

Click the settings button in your extension tab, then options, then scroll all the way to the bottom. Turn on auto-fill. It’s still listed as experimental. Alternatively, you can always hit CTRL+Shift+L (or Command+Shift+L on macOS) to fill in the prompts.

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And to follow up on southerndoc, here are some pages about Bitwarden’s autofill option:

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