Bitwarden CSV Import Problems and how to diagnose them?

I’ve spent far too much time trying to reformat a CSV file so that it will import. I’m using the bitwarden csv format, followed all their information to a T, and even had a couple small batches import just fine. However, 99% of my attempts just yield a spinning thing with zero error messages until the webpage times out. Most mention how there’s an error code that tells you exactly where the problem is. I never get that. We’re talking 10-20 lines, with the same fields as the successful imports.

So my main question is this, as far as Bitwarden is concern, what content is illegal in a csv file? The only thing I found/figured out myself was a space before a comma. I’m usually good with Google Fu, but none of my searches come up with anything specific (Maybe it’s illegal unicode/UTF-8 or whatever characters, but what is considered illegal?? Maybe it’s mixed content types in the notes field, but then why bother with the notes field if it can’t be anything?). I can’t copy and paste the csv to have someone look, because it’s sensitive information.

Edit: For clarity, my starting point was taking the sample csv from here and then replacing the data with my own using Excel. Including formatting to create Nested collections.

Also, just for full troubleshooting, the error message is: The page was not displayed because the request entity is too large. Possible the filesize is too large despite only having 80ish lines? It’s 11MB. I’ve messed with deleting extra rows in notepad but got another error, will edit if I recreate the message.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @AronNotAyAyRon and welcome to the Community!

I also imported from Lastpass, but fortunately I didn’t have any problems.

I think you have the right idea of using smaller batches. Can you just divide the entire CSV file into many smaller batches and see which batches have problems? Then you can further subdivide the failed batches until you discover which lines cause problems? This will at least give you slow but steady progress.

The only other idea I have is to sanitize the CSV file so there is no sensitive information and then post it so we can help with the issue.

The items in each column have size limits. I’m going from memory, but my recollection is that the notes column entries can be no more than 10,000 characters (after encryption), and the others are limited at 5,000 characters (after encryption). The account for the expansion caused by encryption, the character limits of the plaintext secrets (per my possibly fault recollection) are only 60-80% of the above character limits.

Thus, I would be on the lookout for notes that are longer than 7000 characters, or so.

Would you believe that, now that I’ve typed everything out that was causing me to feel like I was a crash test dummy being thrown into a wall at 100mph repeatedly, I think I got it working??

For some reason the csv, when created and saved within Excel, adds the max amount of blank lines and/or there was data accidentally put in the last possible line of Excel (I think the latter, I was copy/pasting “login” and one made its way to line 1048557). Deleted all that (this was after hunting down extra spaces, as beforehand I tried the same and it still didn’t work) and the 11,278KB file becomes 16KB.

Yeah, this was probably the biggest issue right here, lol

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Yea, that sounds about right. Glad you figured it out.