Bitwarden Crashing Issue on iPhone 13 and iPad Air 13: Seeking Solutions

Hello Bitwarden Community,

I’m reaching out today to discuss a recurrent issue I’ve been experiencing with Bitwarden on my iPhone 13 Pro and iPad Air 13, and I’m curious if any of you have faced a similar problem.

The issue typically arises when I have two apps open simultaneously. Here’s a breakdown of what happens:

  1. I have both Bitwarden and another app (where I need to log in) open.
  2. I switch to Bitwarden in the background to retrieve my login credentials.
  3. I then switch back to the other app.
  4. Upon returning to Bitwarden, the app crashes, but interestingly, only the first time.
  5. On subsequent tries, Bitwarden remains stable and doesn’t crash.

This problem doesn’t seem to occur consistently, making it a bit challenging to replicate at will. However, I’ve primarily noticed it on my iPhone 13 Pro and iPad Air 13. Has anyone else faced a similar issue with these devices or any other?

I deeply appreciate any insights, solutions, or workarounds the community can provide. As a dedicated user, I’m eager to find a resolution to this inconvenience.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and shared experiences.

Best regards, Samuel

This has been discussed on reddit, and is confirmed by/for many users (myself included).

I am encouraged by the reply you received on github saying the engineering team is aware of the bug and it is being worked on for the next release.