Bitwarden community app, why isn't it on Play store?

Hi, I have an app Bitwarden Community on my Android phone :

It is a very nice app. But I do not understand, why this app is not available on Google Play store ?
How did I get this application ?

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Are you sure that this an app and not just a progressive web app based on the online forum which uses Discourse?

Edit: When you are at with a smartphone browser, the browser may offer “Install app” in its menu which will create an icon on your homescreen which links to a “progressive web app”. It looks like a real app but is in fact just the website with some local JavaScript stuff so you can use it without opening the browser first.

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This community/forum uses Discourse software and they provide their own mobile app but it’s extremely basic and still opens links in a browser.

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How can I know it is a progressive app? From what I see it is a real app

You can check which apps are running. If the “Bitwarden community app” is in fact a browser or the app icon also contains a small browser icon as overlay (Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi etc.), then you know it is a progressive app.

I have checked there is no browser icon overlay on my BW community App, it looks like a real App. I have a Samsung phone (S20 with Android v13), is it different with other Android branded phone ?

It’s just a progressive web app. It can look like a regular app, with its own icon and stuff. But in reality it’s just a browser window. Think of it as a really fancy bookmark.
Play Store app is for native apps, not bookmarks.

It can still be a progressive web app. There is no “Bitwarden community app” anywhere since this community forum uses Discourse and not some special custom software.