Bitwarden CLI: Umlauts

I would like to create entries using the Bitwarden CLI. Here I see that unfortunately umlauts ä,ö,ü,ß do not work. These are passed correctly to “bw create item”, but then only a question mark is stored here.

Is there a possibility to create items with umlauts with the Bitwarden CLI?

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Hey there, can you give us more information on what terminal you running this through?

I use powershell 5.x and windows 10.

Thanks, for testing purposes, can you try replicating in cmd . exe?

I have tried, however, this is really a cramp in the Windows CMD and I did not get it right away.

Simple question: does the bw.exe support umlauts?

Powershell 5.x is known to have some issues with non-ASCII characters. Are you running these commands interactively, or in a script? If a script, you must save your .ps1 file as “UTF-8 with BOM” for it to run in PowerShell versions earlier than v6.

Solution: Bitwarden CLI: Umlauts / Umlaute · Issue #4145 · bitwarden/clients (

See also explanations and solutions provided here:

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