Bitwarden CLI not syncing items

Hello everyone. I’m having an issue with the Bitwarden CLI syncing with my vault.

I’ve been testing the CLI to use with a script I’m designing and it kept failing and I couldn’t figure out why. I then began running the raw queries itself in my terminal to see if I could get the results I wanted. I noticed that changes I was putting in my Chrome Extension, although was syncing to the Bitwarden Vault (and visible on mobile) are not actually getting changed in the CLI.

I did a sync including with the force flag, and no update. I logged out and back in as per the Bitwarden Support rep I spoke with, and this resolved the issue - but only to the point of when I logged in again. Once any further changes were made, even after syncing, the CLI won’t retrieve these new changes. In particular I’m noticing this with secure notes, adding, removing or editing. I haven’t done enough testing with logins to see if this behavior is consistent.

Anyone else experiencing this and have any feedback or soltutions?