Bitwarden Chrome extensions overriding credit card


I’m using Chrome Version 121.0.6167.184 with Bitwarden 2024.2.0 and I’ve noticed that Bitwarden is not letting Chrome autofill credit card details. However, if I disable Bitwarden in the Payments methods then it’s also disabled on the password side.

Is there a way to only disable Bitwarden for Credit cards but still fill in passwords? Thanks! (this was the regular behaviour a few weeks ago but I guess some update happen and now things work diferently


Also searching for the same info.

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This topic has been tagged app:desktop, but I assume that your question is actually about the Bitwarden browser extension.

I would suggest going to Settings > Auto-fill and disabling (unchecking) the option “Make Bitwarden your default password manager”. Then go to chrome://settings/payments in your Chrome browser, and make sure that “Save and fill payment methods” has been enabled.

This is not an acceptable solution, as it means that Google Chrome will start managing passwords again. There must be an option in Bitwarden not to takeover the payment methods.

I agree. I cannot understand how I’m not able to reverse a config done before. Is Chrome the culprit here?
I had bitwarden for the longest time as a Chrome extension, but payments were managed by Chrome itself. I decided (I cannot remember where) to let bitwarden manage payments and I cannot reverse this decision unless I disable bitwarden for passwords too. Doesn’t make any sense to me…

I know it’s machine specific, I have another windows machine with chrome sync enable, and that still works fine with regards to Chrome handling payments and bitwarden only password. What should I do? Uinstall chrome?

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No, that is not necessarily the case. You can independently enable/disable Chrome’s management of password, identities (personal info/addresses), and payment methods.

After you disable “Make Bitwarden your default password manager” in the Bitwarden browser extension and enable Chrome’s saving/auto-filling of payment methods, go to chrome://password-manager/settings and ensure that everything is disabled there. Additionally, go to chrome://settings/addresses and ensure that this is either enabled or disabled according to your preferences.

There is no such setting. Most likely, you enabled or modified the option to “Show auto-fill menu on form fields”, and then clicked “Make Default” in response to this prompt:



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