Bitwarden chrome extension with Windows Hello, Desktop communication interrupted after finger recognized

Hi, when I use Windows Hello fingerprint to unlock Bitwarden chrome extension, it does not work one time out of 2.

  • One time out of 2, it works perfectly.
  • And one time out of 2, when I press my finger, Windows Hello prompt is recognizing it and saying “Hello MyName” as it has recognized me perfectly. BUT then instead of having Bitwarden Chrome extension unlocking my vault, I have this error message:
    Desktop communication interrupted
    Desktop application invalidated the secure communication channel. Please retry this operation

Do you also experience this issue as well? How to solve this? Regards

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is there any fix to this?
it started happening to me on my Mac since about 1 month ago

Apple M1
MacOS: Sonoma 14.5

You have to first unlock BW desktop app. This is annoying, I fully agree.

Someone already opened a GitHub issue for this.
It’s truly annoying and unpractical.
Hope they fix it soon.

UX is really bad like this

Hi all
For this problem I opened a bug on github: Chrome/Firefox extension loses the connection to desktop app for biometric unlock after lock · Issue #9548 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub

If you like you can add even more details there or comments.