Bitwarden breaks Craigslist in Chrome browsers

When Bitwarden is activated Craigslist won’t display most pages, especially individual items. Sometimes one or two refreshes of the page brings it into view. Deactivating Bitwarden allows Craigslist to function normally. Tested on Vivaldi, Edge, Brave and Opera.

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You can report extension bugs to:

ps: I tested using 2024.4.1 on 115.11.0ESR and this seems to work fine.

thanks, this is happening with 2024.4.2 using a Chrome browser, not Firefox. I’ll report this in the proper place.

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As of this morning after about 10 days of this issue all is working at Craigslist as it should. Since Bitwarden hasn’t been updated this obviously was really a Craigslist issue.

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