Bitwarden behind Haproxy Verification Email not working

Howdy folks,

I have a problem with Bitwarden, Email Verification doesn’t work when its behind Haproxy i use HTTP to HTTPS offloading with Acme on pfSense but everything else works i can log in via the Firefox addon and the android App. Would anyone have any ideas i know its not the SMTP settings as i tested on DigitalOcean without Reverse Proxy and works fine i believe this is a problem with having no Cert on the backend of the server tho.



Hello @violetdragon92,
In my self-hosted bitwarden I also needed (https connection between bitwarden and my reverse proxy). Sadly I don’t remember what was the problem. In my case I use non self-signed certificates, but self-signed certificate should also do the job.

Not sure but I guess in case of browser extensions they could work if you have a Certificate Authority installed in your browser. That way you could use them with your self-hosted bitwarden. Maybe if you install the CA on your phone, might also work with the app.

There is a description how to create a CA in case you need it:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply. Everything works with the Cert from Haproxy. But using a Self Signed on the Server end makes email verification not work. As it seems a valid Lets Encrypt Cert is needed or Email Verification doesn’t work. I guess its not need to verify the email as it seems to be work fine.