Bitwarden auto-fill not working well on multi-page logins on mobile


I experience some problems with login to mobile sites, with multi-page login procedures.

This happens for example on the login page of Amazon. On first page you have to fill the user name (email address). However, when using auto-fill with Bitwarden, Bitwarden fills the password in this field. So, your password is visible then, which is quite bad.

Do you know how to prevent from happening, or can this be considered as a bug?


PS Using Bitwarden on Samsung S9 with Dutch interface language

Note: Your question may already be answered in the Bitwarden Help Center.

Just cross checked with Android Bitwarden app, Brave browser and amazon (other country).
It worked as intended and filled the email and password in the respective fields on the seperate pages.

I know that’s not helping with solving your issue, but just as additional info.


Thanks for your effort.

I did some further testing. It has to do with language setup. As I live in The Netherlands now, interface language of my phone was on Dutch. I changed the language to English, just for testing. Then both Browser and Bitwarden have english interface. When doing same test now, both login and password are filled in right.

So, it’s the language breaking the functionality.

That relation to the language may be the difference in languages (BW app / …) not the general non-English language.
My settings (Android, keyboard, Browser, Bitwarden App, amazon HP) are all in German.

Anyway, I don’t see why apps with different language settings should not be able to interact properly.