Bitwarden Authenticator

Can I import a text file of my secrets from WinAuth into BItwarden?

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I’m not sure about that - and would guess “no” (or at least not directly), because import leads to “vault items”, generally speaking. I’m only speculating: Maybe you could “condition” (Condition a Bitwarden .csv or .json | Bitwarden Help Center) the file, so that you could import it and then have new vault items with only the 2FA codes in it. But even then, you would have to copy them to the corresponding vault items.

In short - if we don’t speak of 200 hundred different secret keys - copying them manually in the corresponding vault items would be the easiest and fastest method, I think…

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If your WinAuth export is in a tabular format (e.g., .csv), then you can import the data into your Bitwarden vault (although, as noted by @Nail1684, you will likely have to condition the file format before it can be imported). However, if you already have passwords stored in your Bitwarden vault, then there is no easy way to merge the imported TOTP secrets with the existing password items.

One possibility would be to export existing passwords from Bitwarden, manually combine the exported password table with your table of TOTP secrets, and then import the combined file into Bitwarden (after conditioning).