Bitwarden Authenticator Autofill Browser Extension for TOTP

The idea would similiar to how 2FAS implement their TOTP authentication. If you are unaware look at the video:

(Example below is me using Canva)

Bitwarden I use and have been using the bitwarden password manager even use to put in totp codes in the vault and now passkeys. I like to seperate my totp codes now from my password manager and with bitwarden creating the seperate bitwarden authentication app is perfect for this.

2FAS has been the only one i seen successfully create a open source browser extension for totp (that i personally ran across). It works simply as this:

  1. you login to a site, autofill with your user/password from bitwarden password vault using the bitwarden password manager browser extension.
  2. website asks for totp (if it doesnt support passkey) and currently with 2fas you can write click or click on their web extension and it will automatically send a notification to your phone and you get a notication for 2fas app and you open it and it ask you to approve it which then it copies that totp securely and inputs it for you in the field on the webpage. (Again if you unaware what i mean look at the link above.)

Idea is having something similiar with Bitwarden. Currently for my totp app i use 2FAS until someone can make something similar or better. Also has a cloud sync option you can enable or disable.I know Bitwarden Authenticator is new but love to see this implemented.

Security standpoint is seperating your Bitwarden Password Manager and TOTP codes into seperate apps and using the standalone Bitwarden Authenticator would help, i am aware the Bitwarden Password Manager currently does autofill since I use to use it.

I am sure that something like this will be possible if/when Bitwarden develops a browser extension version of their stand-alone authenticator.

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