Bitwarden application dont working on Windows 10 PC


I’m sorry but English is not my first langage, i hope i translate correctly what i want to saying.

Well, the Bitwarden application dont working on my Windows 10 PC for many months. When i launch it it sims working except than the app windows don’t appear on the desktop.

The app appear on the taskbar and on the system tray, when i hovers over the icon on the taskbar it displays the preview of the windows at the connection page, when i use the show/hide option of the system tray it open or close the app on the taskbar, but anything never appear on the desktop.

I have uninstall and reinstall the app, but nothing changing. I suppose that’s result of a Windows upgrade, but can’t remember which be involved, and it would appear no upgrade of the app was added along that time, so it’s probably juste on my f***ing PC.

Naturally i can use the app on my browser or using the web site, but sometime that’s loud and that starting to be angered me.

Thank for help.

Hello Aleck,

to me it sounds like as if Bitwarden is just running in a (currently) non-visible area or perhaps like behind the taskbar. To get it back to the center of your screen follow these steps:

  • Start Notepad
  • Press the Alt-key once (every menu item should now have one character underlined)
  • Move your mouse to the icon in the title of Notepad. Click and hold the left mouse button.
  • Take a look at the Move-command and remember which character is underlined.
  • Close Notepad
  • Start Bitwarden
  • Wait till it seems to have started then press and hold the Alt-key. While holding the Alt-key press the space-bar once. Release the Alt-key.
  • Press the key you remembered (the one that corresponds to the move-command) once.
  • Press any cursor-key once.
  • Now move the mouse to get the window back into sight.
  • When you are happy with its position click the left mouse button.
  • Done.

If that did not help try this:
Did you download Bitwarden from or are you running the version from the Microsoft Store ( ?
The easiest solution might be to just install the version you currently are not using.



I have finely refind my Beetwarden window, but you have any idea of ow many ragequite i had do, how many stress i had accumulate and ow many howl i had stifle in a cushion.

First, i had fail to apply your first solution, simply because on my computer it’s dont work exactly the same way, dono why. Trying it and trying it different way again and again, but it’s dont working.

Second, you have juste no idea of what purgatory is the Micro$$oft login recovery system, and for finely juste can’t install the app, dont understand why. Naturely, the page appear only in English ore Spanish, unless it’s no fun. Losting my mind. Again. To much to juste reflect to searching Beetwarden on the French version of the store.

And, miraculous, i remembered an other way to solve a windows position used for an other software : simply using the configuration panel / system / display, change the scaling to an other value and return to 100%, that reboot the windows position.

Juste simply like that.

You’v indirectly shorted my lifetime, but without you i would never find the solution to solve that.

Think you.

Hi all,
i had the same problem maybe the solution helps somebody else. It happened right after updating to version 1.29.1. In my case changing the scaling or anything else for that matter didn’t work. I unlocked and moved my taskbar and Bitwarden appeared again. Peter’s comment on bitwarden running in an area behind the taskbar gave me the idea.