Bitwarden app not updated on Google Play Store

The Bitwarden app is not updated on the Google Play Store. It’s still showing as the 2023.1 version.

Why the delay, because the Chrome extension, plus Mac App Store app have both been updated?

I downloaded the 2023.2.0 version of Bitwarden from the Google Play Store yesterday!

Unfortunately, it takes some time before Google rolls out the new release to everyone. I’m sure you will see it soon.

Google doesn’t “roll out” app releases. All Google does is approve the app update for release in the Play Store, and once approved, the update is made available to everyone in the countries for which the app is approved.

I suspect that Bitwarden messed up the submission to the Google Play Store for the version 2023.2.0 update, because on my phone the Google Play Store refers to the app being updated on 16th February 2023 to version 2023.1.0. But when you look on the Bitwarden Github repo, you can see that the release dated 16th February was for version 2023.2.0, not 2023.1.0.

The screenshot below from the Google Play Store shows this:

Actually, what I should have said is that Bitwarden can configure the Google Play Store to do Staged Releases or roll outs. You can find more information here:

Bitwarden might have done this in case the new release had a serious undetected defect that could prevent all users from using the product.

Also, here is my screenshot from the Play Store:

Your screenshot refers to version 2023.2.0 as being related on 15th February 2023, whereas mine shows version 2023.1.0 (an earlier version) being released on 16th February 2023. So it’s pretty clear that Bitwarden has messed up its submission to the Google Play Store.

You might be right.

@dwbit - Can you please clarify whether Bitwarden had to roll back the release to the Google Play Store?

I’m now seeing version 2023.2.0 on the Google Play Store

So it seems to be just the Firefox extension in the Mozilla store that remain outstanding.

Maybe BW would release as a file aswell as the store? (Like the desktop apps are)