Bitwarden App Logs Out if the server is not running

I have observed that if i’m offline, the bitwarden app/extentions work perfectly fine and show me my existing vault items. But if the case is that I’m online, but my bitwarden server is offline for more than a few hours, then the app logouts and i cannot access anything until the server is back up. Is this behavior expected? And if so, shouldn’t it not behave like this?

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Hey there, do you have a reverse proxy in front of the server?

Yes, I earlier had an Nginx reverse proxy. But right now I’m using the Cloudflare tunnel reverse proxy. The issue is happening with both.

Hey @ghaisasadvait, Bitwarden logs out the client when there’s an error response on purpose, because it means that the server is sending an error. In this case, the reverse proxy is sending the error, but the Bitwarden client doesn’t know it’s talking to a reverse proxy and not the bitwarden server directly. so it logs out, feel free to contact the official support team at for additional support.

This can cause a huge headache sometimes.Maybe an option in the client would be nice.

But anyways, Thanks! Appreciate your input!

What is the response status code that the client receives when your server is offline?

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Not exactly sure, but since I am using cloudflare as a proxy service, and cloudflare tunnel as a reverse proxy, I’m assuming the response code will be a 5XX error (Origin unreachable).

@kspearrin Can this feature be added?

Hey @ghaisasadvait I’ve passed this along to the team :+1:

@dwbit Appreciate it. Thanks!

@bw-admin @kspearrin Any update on this?

Hey @ghaisasadvait can you open a ticket with the official support team on the Bitwarden website?

I sent the email but they asked me to open a feature request.

Same here. Have voted up your Feature request.