Bitwarden app iOS Login fails due to Self-Signed-certificate problem

Hey, i got my vaultwarden as Docker behind NGINX Proxy Manager up and running and created a self-signed openssl certificate for the connection.
That works so far in Chrome with the extension on my Mac.

On the IPhone (14.6) i can access and login via the Browser ,
but the Bitwarden-App tells me this:

Means, that there is a failure with the SSL-Connection. (Can´t get a secure SSL-Connection)

I checked

  • URL: https://blabla.blabla.lan ← no port, no #, nothing
  • the certificate is matching the new Apple-requirements
  • tried to install the certificate on the phone by hand. But it did not change the behavior in the app.

So what goes wrong in my setup?

Thanks in advance!


self signed certificates are a little bit tricky on iOS.

  1. Install your root certificate. Einstellungen → Allgemein → Profil
  2. Activate it! Einstellungen → Allgemein → Info → Zertifikatsvertrauenseinstellungen (scroll all way down) → activate your own certificate

Give it a try. I hope, this helps.


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Awesome !
That was the Solution. I didn’t install it :nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:

Thank you so much. Now everything works really fine.

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