Bitwarden app - Biometrics not working on Android 12

Good day.

I am currently increasingly annoyed with Bitwarden’s Android app.

I use the biometric authentication to log in and unlock on my Android phone (OnePlus Nord2 LTE). Recently - I think since the update to Android v12 - I’ve been having massive problems with it.

When biometric authentication is required in the Bitwarden app, I am only given the option to do that with facial recognition. That’s not an issue during the day in good light either - although I’d rather not use facial recognition because of the poor security. At least it works in good light. But when the light gets bad - like outside at night - then face recognition doesn’t work.

But I can’t change the method from face recognition to fingerprint. I now have to wait until face recognition has an error timeout. Then the fingerprint scanner is displayed to me. But now when I put my finger on it, it recognizes my fingerprint but still does not log me in / sign me in. I remain on the login screen. So the login or unlock by fingerprint currently does not work at all!!!

I can only turn on or off biometrics in general in the settings. So I can’t define here that I only want to use fingerprint and not facial recognition. With my banking app, for example, I’m ALWAYS asked for fingerprint - so it’s basically possible for one app to allow one biometrics method, but not another. Why is this not possible with such an important app as a password safe at Bitwarden???

So currently I can’t get into the app at all via Biometric Authentication at night or in low light, which is more and more a reason for me to turn my back on Bitwarden!

Does anyone have a tip if there is anything I can do here?

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Thanks for the feedback on this one, rest assured it has been passed along to the team for review :+1: