Bitwarden Android Beta Feedback - Delete/search functionality not working as expected

Cloud or self-hosted?: Cloud
Device Type: Google Pixel 8
OS and version: Android 14
Bitwarden version: 2024.6.1 (11139)

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Delete item from Bitwarden Vault.
  2. Search for item using search function.
  3. Item is not shown in Vault anymore but can still be found via. search function until it is permanently deleted.

When deleting an item from the Vault in the new native app beta (moving it to the bin) it gets removed from the vault like expected. But it still shows up when using the search function in the mobile app until the item is permanently deleted.
Or is this expected behaviour, because as far as I can tell the old app does not work like this (does not show items in the bin in search results)?
And if it is expected behaviour it would be nice to have an indicator to show the item is deleted/in the bin.

Thank you for the bug report and for testing out the native apps!

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