Bitwarden and VPN

Dear community,
I would like to know based on your personal experience which VPN for macOS works best with Bitwarden or generally considered to be the “best”.
Thank you.

I don’t think the VPN actually would affect the app any, other than perhaps not being connected to the internet. If I’m correct in that, then the question really is what VPN is best, and then I think it’s probably not the right forum.

That said, I’m partial to Mullvad and ProtonVPN. I use both interchangeably based on what country I am in (i’m a nomad) and which has better speed. Mullvad is certainly cheaper.

I have read that some VPNs block Bitwarden from working properly, such as when saving new credentials. Therefore, I was asking which VPN works properly and does not create problems.

In any case, I thank you for sharing your personal experience.

I wonder if its due to the fact you pick where your account is based. I have mine set to USA, but am sitting in Belgium. I just switched locations via Mullvad to a couple countries and had no issues. Tested with the Mac app and Chrome extension.

I would say the only downside I experience with VPNs and BW (and I always use one), is CAPTCHAs. Not here on the forum but when I need to go to the actual VAULT. I sometimes wonder how many others here get hassled by the need to complete a capthca?

There are other forums where they have enacted a specially generated url for any member that requests it on their software. That way when you go to log in ONLY your specific url is clicked on (saved url) and of course the website looks for your exact credentials to sign in. MUCH nicer than screwing around with capthca’s. I haven’t seen a captcha on those sites in years now. Nice. Just a suggestion!!

Once logged in the BW sites performs at “fiber” speeds for me so that is great!

I’ve used several VPNs and have never had a problem with Bitwarden whilst using any of them. Currently connected to ProtonVPN and BW works fine.