Bitwarden and Samsung Internet

I am using the app on a Samsung S22 and Im having nothing but troubles. After a few minutes the autofill stops working.

At first this seemed to be caused by battery management killing the app in the background. Because every time I manually launched it, it had to be unlocked even though I set the lock timeout to “Never”.

So I added it to the exception list, but it made no difference. Then I read somewhere that you can “pin” apps from the taskmanager, and that worked. Bitwarden now always stays active.

But even though the app is running, the autofills still stop working. The only workaround is to kill Samsung Internet and relaunch it, and it will work again for a while.

Does any one have a clue what could be the issue? Because it does not seem to be related to battery management as the app is active?

You might want to take a look at this: