Bitwarden and Best Buy

I am having no end of trouble with Bitwarden and my Best Buy password. Best Buy tells me the password in Bitwarden doesn’t match the password I am using. I go through the password reset process. Once the password reset process is complete, if I logout and log back in again, it again tells me that I am using the wrong password.

I’m sure this is a Best Buy problem and not a Bitwarden problem. But I just want to see if anyone else is having this problem, or if it is unique to me.

I’m having this problem on Firefox on Mac and Safari.

I had issues like this on a few sites even after it appeared that the site accepted the password reset. In my case it ended up being special characters that the site server could not deal with. I also had this issue with a few sites that didn’t accept over 15 characters in the password field, which is baby steps for BW of course.

As an experiment; try setting a BestBuy password with say 12 characters and no special key stuff. If it then works perfectly you have your answer ----- > its the Best Buy server parameters.

I really appreciate sites that tell me the parameters on their web page, especially the MAXIMUM LENGTH. A lot of times a websiet will accept special characters, but only SOME special characters. I wonder if Bitwarden needs an option for generating a password with “safe” special chacaters.

This is definitely a problem on Best Buy’s side. I changed my password 3 times now, with no special characters in. Once with 20 characters, once with 15, and once with 10. Neither of them stick.

What’s even more odd is that after I reset my password, Bitwarden prompts me to update my Best Buy password.


That’s may be caused by a Bitwarden’s behavior. I already mentioned it to devs.

So, when saving passwords, Bitwarden’s addon sometimes creates new custom fields in the vault for password and username. So it already happened to me that it has create this new field with the new password and the old password left unchanged in the usual password field. So when the auto-completion for the website’s login is called, it may then fill it with the old one. The reason to this maybe the fact the the website is using some unrecognized naming for these input fields.

I suggest you to look in your vault if the credentials is only made of normal username and password fields or if you see some other different fields when scrolling down all the way down this identifier’s content. That custom fields are near the bottom of each identifiers cards.

Compare the orange framed parts from the 2 next screenshots that I’ve made with the Window’s app for example (it’s looking as if I upload only one screenshot, but there’s 2, use the right/left arrows to switch between the 2, it works for me) :

You’ll understand that if these fields are made and are not containing the same login data, it can cause issues if the wrong is used. I’ve faced it many times. And I’ve also warn about this wrong behavior.

So, it’s been a while since I’ve stopped using the save or update feature of thew browser’s addon. That’s almost the only real annoyance with Bitwarden. So, I live with it. I also tell it to my wife cause it made her lock her bank’s account in a way she has to call to make it work back…

Just keep changing the password manually and it will be working without any issues.

I just checked this and there is no custom fields in my Bestbuy entry it is 100% on Bestbuy

I also tested this by clearing cookies right after a fresh password and it still gives me the wrong credentials error

This also happened to a friend that uses Keepass and there are a few reddit threads on this happening to other people

Two other things I am thinking that can cause such error is characters mismatching. If some characters that are in use are not accepted by the website due to the password’s length or characters type and just ripped off in the fields, then it can happen. Also, saving and syncing problems can sometimes cause some issues.

But, beside that, I would try editing a password manually in Bitwarden with a basic kind of password for testing purpose. Reach the page where you can enter your new password and manually edit a simple password totally respecting website password’s rules in your Best Buy card in Bitwarden. Save the edited password and sync Bitwarden. Copy-paste (don’t use auto-fill) it in the “New” and “Confirmation” password fields then confirm the change in the web page. Once this is done, logout of Best Buy then try to login again with auto-fill. If it doesn’t work, look into your Best Buy card in Bitwarden to make sure that the password is still the one you’ve made manually by making it visible. Then try to copy-paste this password to see if this works. By doing such actions, you can make a great bit of work to find where the problem lies.