Bitwarden add-on in Firefox 86 not working with touchscreen

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Hopefully this is already a known bug, but the latest add-on in Firefox 86 (the one to the right of the address bar, not the sidebar) does not work with input from the touchscreen. It refuses to allow some taps and quickly locks the browser up.

I’m using Windows 10 Home, build 19042.

My troubleshooting:

  1. Deleting Firefox fully (including removing Mozilla directories throughout the computer, including AppData, removing all registry entries) and installing fresh.
  2. Disabling all other add-ins.
  3. Trying to update drivers, but touchscreen uses Microsoft HID Touchscreen drivers.
  4. Running a system file check on Windows.

The workaround is using the trackpad to click and select from the add-in.

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This happens with me as well. Using Firefox 87 beta 7.

Confirmed on both a Microsoft Surface Book 3 and an HP Spectre 360. With Bitwarden installed touch eventually freezes completely in Firefox normal channel version.

The ESR version works fine, so if you need Firefox and Bitwarden, roll back to the extended release version and it should work.

Also happens to me on a Dell XPS 12, Firefox 87. I can open the sidebar with touch, but basically as soon as I do anything else, touch no longer works in Firefox.

Happens to me on Firefox 88 as well.

Still an issue on Firefox 93

FWIW this is confirmed by multiple others now, if you find this and want more info, check Bitwarden’s community forums; search for ‘touch’. RR versions of Firefox are effected; switching to ESR fixes it for now.