Bitwarden 'Add Item' window closes without saving changes

I face this issue which is kind of bad user experience.

I click on ‘Add Item’ to My Vault and add some data into it. To save this I have to click on ‘Save’. But if accidently I click outside of this ‘Add Item’ window, then this window is closed without saving my data. Then I have to redo this process carefully and click ‘Save’.

If I accidently click outside of ‘Add Item’ window, then it should ask confirmation whether to save changes or not and then close it.

Please see attached.

I believe the feature request to improve this in web-vault and desktop app is Unsaved changes are lost when move to another item

You can use one of your 20 votes to increase priority of feature and make it more likely to be implemented sooner.

Currently, there are other prioritized features, as shown in upcoming roadmap (Bitwarden Roadmap) and list of all features by votes (Feature Requests - Bitwarden Community Forums)

Bitwarden team is going through a large backlog of features, so it is hard to say when they will get around to this, but it is at least acknowledged:


Thanks, as long as it is on Backlog we should be good.

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