Bitwarden active in the background (macOS)

Every time I close my Bitwarden window, it closes the entire application. Can you make it possible for Bitwarden to stay running in the background with an icon in the menu bar when you don’t have a window open?

Also, I would like Bitwarden to start in the background while loading my user account on macOS, without a window popping up.

Is it possible to change this in the Bitwarden app for macOS?

I don’t know if these options are available on macOS, but in the Windows desktop app, the Settings (Preferences) has options for “Close to Tray” and “Start to Tray”, as well as “Start Automatically on Login”, which would do what you want.

I did try that indeed, but it’s not working as it should.
I have just continued searching on the internet, and apparently, it concerns a software bug that was reported multiple times at Bitwarden last year.
They still haven’t solved this.