Biometrics on Windows 10 and Edge (chromium) browser

I’ve been using Bitwarden for the past month (new to the platform) and had Edge Browser (Version 89.0.774.63) configured with biometrics.

All well and good.

Recently biometrics stopped working.

Browser add on is Version: 1.49.0, and desktop build is v11.3.0, if I’m reading correctly.

When launching the ‘Unlock with Biometrics’ I get the following message;

Start the bitwarden desktop application.

The bitwarden desktop application needs to be started before this function can be used.

bitwarden error

The desktop client is running and was previously configured. Unfortunately, attempting to use ‘Unlock with Windows Hello’ button on the app ends up with the app itself hanging.

If I logon with the master password, the File menu has no options - as below.

I have removed, restarted, reinstalled.

I’m aware there is a problem with biometrics on Firefox in Mac Os, which seems similar, and the workaround is to create a folder. However, its not clear whether this applies to windows as well, and if so, what the appropriate path would be on Windows. Also behavior seems slightly different to this.

This was all configured and working previously. Seems to have failed recently.

Any thoughts?

Posting the image of the empty menu here, as only able to post one image per post as a new user;

bitwarden menu

Bumping, Problem still persists.

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The missing File menu options seems a bit odd along with Windows Hello just hanging on Desktop app.

Not too sure, but it may be a bug in Desktop app or something corrupt.
Might want to see if any related bug reports or create one at Issues · bitwarden/desktop · GitHub

Maybe someone else can provide the location Bitwarden logs to, which should have additional information on errors.

Since you reinstalled, it doesn’t seem to be the executable.
There might be some leftover config data or Windows registries.
You could try using a PC Cleaner tool to delete old app data.
Or try manually going through your local system to delete anything remaining after uninstall, and then reinstall once more.