Biometric authentication closes the extension popup and don't login

Firefox extensions have an .xpi name extension (or a .jar in some cases). As this is a .zip, I am not sure changing to name.xpi and install (open with Firefox) is the right thing to do.

Following your post I found out that 2 weeks ago there was also a [2023.8.2 release].
So my conclusion is either the 2023.8.3 isn’t ready for the release (still with errors) or will be released soon. I think it is safe to wait just a bit longer.

My windows app upgraded to 2023.8.3 yesterday. Firefox extension remains at 2023.7.1. Biometrics still doesn’t work.


My macOS app upgraded to 2023.8.3 yesterday. Firefox extension remains at 2023.7.1. Biometrics do not work.

Stuck at “Awaiting confirmation from desktop”

Also experiencing this. With Firefox and Edge, on both Windows and macOS across three separate computers. I’ve tried uninstall the Bitwarden desktop app, Reinstalling. Same with the browser extensions.

Brave still seems to work fine.

Whenever I open the sidebar and try with biometrics with that, the message

“awaiting confirmation from desktop” spins continuously

my bitwarden desktop app is open and has no prompt(s) pending

edit: have also tried reinstalling the browser addon, to no avail

The sidebar is just so that you can enter the master password as a workaround until they fix the biometrics.

This is strange, I was just able to get everything to work on my laptop but my desktop won’t


apologies if this has already been mentioned but it looks like this happening with desktop version 2023.8.3, when i was on desktop 2023.7.1 everything worked fine

Same issue here. In order to make it work, I always have to restart Bitwarden… which means multiple restarts (& retyping of master password) are required.

I am looking forward the fix!

I am having the exact same problem with these version numbers of app and extension, in Firefox on Windows 11.
I tried al the suggestions, but nothing offers a fix for this problem so far.

this problem is bugging me for a while now
the best that i figured is the version mismatch between the desktop and the addon is throwing off the addon to crash while waiting for a response from the windows hello popup
because i tried it with chrome on the latest version and it works every time
i managed to overcome the problem using the following steps

Step 1
Downloading the 2023.8.3 client for FF as @cptlobster suggested
FF version 2023.8.3

Step 2
open your extensions manager and click the cog menu and click “Debug AddOns”
if you will try to just install it using the install addon it will cancel it saying that its not verified

Step 3
click on load temporary addon than find the zip you downloaded
it will update the addon and than everything should work

i dont no why the addon on the FF database is not up to date but this is a fix for now

Only works once. When you close the browser, the temporary addon is removed and BW extension reverts back to 2023.7.1.

Handy enough if you keep the 2023.8.3 extension on your desktop and only open your browser once (or if finding your master password to unlock would be a PITA).

Oddly though, it shows the newer extension version works, so I don’t know why they haven’t pushed it out. On checking, i can see that my Chrome extension was updated to the latest version automatically.

I’m using Firefox Developer Edition, which supports unsigned add-on installation (permanently) by setting xpinstall.signatures.required to false. 2023.8.3 works great so far. I also have no idea why the update is not on the official add-on store.

@go12 mentioned in Bitwarden extension for Firefox no longer working with bio-metrics or PIN that there’s a delay in getting the extension update processed through the firefox signing/publishing process - he mentions sideloading the unsigned extension from github as a workaround, however, sideloading of unsigned extensions in firefox is only available in certain editions, no doubt to make it harder to bypass security requirements for the majority of people for safety reasons.

My workaround has been to once, open the side bar with shift-alt-Y to allow me to actually auth manually then, disable “Ask for biometrics on launch” in the extension.

Quite a pain, but hopefully the extension update issue will be resolved soon.

My Firefox extension updated today to 2023.8.3 and biometrics is working again. However, it is behaving a bit strangely for me.

When I supply my fingerprint to Windows Hello, I expect Hello to respond with “Hello John Smith”, disappear, and leave the extension unlocked. That’s not what happens for me. When I supply my fingerprint, Windows Hello does not respond at all. When I tap inside the Windows Hello popup, it disappears and the Firefox extension is unlocked.

The same behavior happens when I unlock the Windows app.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Mine is working the way it should again, which is a relief.

This broke again for me since the last one week or so. Am gonna try the full reset (app, extension uninstall/reinstall shortly to see if it helps :!) . I am willing to pay for the stability of this feature.

Finally did a full reinstall - the reinstall of firefox extension first didnt help - but after the reinstall of the desktop app biometrics is working fine again!