Best Way To Share Attachment?


I just bought premium. I have a word document with a list of sensitive account information that I want to share with my wife.

What is the best way to do this?

What I wanted to do

  1. Made Secure Note
  2. Attached word document to secure note
  3. Shared Secure note to my wife by making an organization.

but it told me “this organization cannot use attachments”.

So I am not sure how to do it.

Just had the very same problem.

I given up on Bitwarden, it is not for me. I find it did not work very well on my android phone plus never could find out how to do this sharing.

I am trying 1password though I have not gotten around to try attaching files but I like it’s vault system and I think I will be able to attach my document to the vault and whoever has access to that vault will be able to see it.

But have to try it first.

  1. Google Drive: Use With Gmail. …
  2. OneDrive: For Outlook and …
  3. Dropbox: Integrate With Gmail. …
  4. iCloud Mail Drop: Use With Apple Mail. …
  5. WeTransfer: Send Unlimited Large Files Quickly. …
  6. pCloud Transfer: Simple Encrypted File Transfer.