Best Way to Organize A Vault

The company I’m working for is adopting use of Bitwarden. My team has dozens of credentials to get into Bitwarden. We’re not going to use an export/import from the current password manager we are using.

What’s the best way to organize my team’s collection? Can we create a collection with our current collection?

Using folders would be helpful to organize our credentials by functional area that the team owns.

What is the Bitwarden way of organizing secrets within a collection?

For any login credentials to online resources that are accessed via a web browser, attempting to organize things in folders is really not as useful as it may at first seem. This is because Bitwarden has a powerful URL matching system that automatically pulls up any credentials available for the web page that is currently displayed by the browser.

What’s worth thinking about is who needs access to what. A good method is to use collections to organise credentials by function, and use groups to organise your users by (sub)department. You can then easily assign the appropriate credentials to the people that need access to them. Some more information available at

When we adopted Bitwarden, there was some discussion on what would work for us.

We settled on setting up Tiered Collections and groups.

The Tiers allow for a level of granuality and also using Groups means we can control access at a group level with diffent permissions, this orovides Role Based Access.

It is worth time trying out different approaches and what fits in with your organisation use case.

I would recommend a 6 month review to see if what you have implemented works across the organisation, then update to reflect review.